Wild Ting Enterprises was founded on Lunar New Year in 2011, symbolic of optimism, fortune, and prosperity amongst the community. The name “Wild Ting” was a nickname from a high school teacher. Our products include:

The Bucko Products

bucko rectangleThe Bucko brand is named after Bucky, a beagle named after the University of Wisconsin mascot. The flagship product is The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime cleaner, available at www.thebucko.com. Coming soon is The Bucko Ironing Spray, see www.thebucko.com for more information!



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Doctor. Lawyer. Engineer. Entrepreneur? EntreAsians helps Asian-Americans find fulfillment through entrepreneurship. Having your own business doesn’t have to mean long hours, big risks, and disappointing your parents. EntreAsians is a community of Asian-American entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs.

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